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What is anal irrigation?

Anal irrigation lets you control your bowel movements


Anal irrigation is also known as enema, colonic or rectal irrigation - irrigation originally means "watering".

Anal irrigation has been known for its beneficial effects for a long time and has been used in other cultures for over 3500 years. Modern science has proven anal irrigation to be able to solve bowel problems in an effective and gentle way.  


How anal irrigation works


To accomplish an anal irrigation, between 100-1000 ml of water are flushed into the lowest part of the colon, through the rectum. When the water has had time to work in the bowel, water and fecal matter will flush into the toilet.

With irrigation you will be able to empty a larger part of the bowel. Healthy persons' bowel movement will naturally only empty the lower intestine (blue area in the figure).

Using anal irrigation on a regular basis each or every second day, you will be able to empty an area shown as the green area in the figure. This improved emptying means that no more toilet visits are needed for the next 24-48 hours - a nice long period of continence.



MBH International has developed 4 different anal irrigation systems for irrigation on the toilet and in bed.